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We Brand Delivery Bikes from these companies.

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Open your world to a fresh new advertising medium

Low cost, high impact.

Why spend hundreds of thousands on outdoor advertising when we can deliver better results for a fraction of the price?

Supercharge your Exposure

Food Delivery Motorbikes are travelling 24/7 around Johannesburg.
They are seen by 1000s of your potential clients every day.
Put their road-time to work for you.

Easy Terms

Take advantage of our ridiculously affordable 3, 6, or 12 month contracts.

No nonsense

Harness the power of Digital for an Outdoor world

Precision Reporting

You’ll always know the condition of your branded boxes, the areas they’ve driven in and the number of km’s they’ve done.

Target Key Areas

Specify a suburb you’d like to be seen in and we’ll partner you with drivers in that stomping ground.

Funky Campaign Potential

Engage offline clients in your online world.
You can use the ad space creatively, running promotions like "spot a branded bike and get a discount! Simply upload a pic of the bike + where you saw it, tag us and win a discount voucher."

Targeted areas
Digital reach

We take care of our stakeholders

Driver Upliftment

We care for our drivers — ensuring their bikes are safe and in good condition, add reflective safety tape for night time driving, and pay them every month.

Hassle-free Design

Choose between different wrap styles and get a great design - We can either integrate with your designers, or you can take advantage of our in-house design experts.

The Big 3

We brand Uber Eats, OrderIn and Mr. D delivery vehicles.
That equals multiple platforms and more exposure for you.

Driver care
Killer design
All major delivery apps

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Finalise design

Send us your design, or let our experts guide you

Wrap your bikes

We’ll apply your branding to the delivery bike's box

Bikes on the road

Bikes on the road, eyes on the prize and watch your bottom line soar

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Our Story

We’re Jonathan and Elan, the best-mates behind Motion.

Being workaholics, we order a lot of takeout.

And we’re not the only ones — the takeout delivery industry is exploding across South Africa.

Delivery drivers are on the roads being seen by and interacting with people constantly.

So it got us thinking… the drivers are out there, let’s put their time on the road to use for other brands.

We started Motion to pioneer this new advertising medium to do just that.

Once we got chatting to these delivery drivers, we realised how tough they have it.

And we’re honoured to help, not just financially by opening up another income stream through the rental of the space on their boxes but also by helping them stay safe on the roads.

It’s win-win.

But the biggest win of all is for our Ad Partners. (That's you! 😉)

We see the world of branding as an adventure. And all good adventures start with a road trip!

If you want to move your brand forward, we’re your guys.